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Hotel Ristorante Milano
via Trento, 35
25074 Idro Brescia - Italia

tel: +39 0365 823 391
fax: 0365 823 820
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Hotel ristorante Milano, Lago d' Idro, Lombardia, Italia - statale per M. di Campiglio - Cucina tipica italiana e internazionale con ottima cantina. Albergo pensione familiare a prezzi modici.
hotel ristorante Milano, lago d'idro Lombardia Brescia Italia   THE IDRO LAKE

Lake Idro is situated between Lake Garda and Lake Iseo. The river Chiese flows into it from the north and out to the south. Lake Idro is considered one of the cleanest in Italy. Near the Dolomites, the lake is a mere point on the map but it is actually 12 km long, 2 km wide and surrounded by wooded mountains at the foot of which stand typical villages that can accomodate visitors in cosy hotels, camping sites and holiday camps

Idro is a small yet superbly unique lake, a patch of blue in the green of the woods and meadows that slope gently down to the water. This stretche of water has long been famed as a surfersi and sailorsi paradise due to its constant winds and the lack of large motor-boats only engines up to 10HP are allowed. Lake Idro is the favourite destination of many fishermen as it is teeming with fish, and the joy of bathers because the temperature is mild and there is easy access to the beach.

The beauty of the natural lakeside setting is conducive to sports that fortifiy both body and spirit. As well as the mountain excursions referred to above, there is a lakeside rock face at Vesta which is ideal for free-climbing enthusiasts. Another pleasant pastime in an unspoilt environment involes mountin biking on tracks that criss-cross the surrounding hills, and expert bikers can enjoy road cycling.
The wind gets up every afternoon at a set time on the lake, to the delight of surfboarders, whereas the flat calm in the mornings attracts plenty of patinet fishing enthusiasts. For expert - and daring - canoeists, there is the river Chiese, where national races have been staged. And for the less adventurous there are plenty of facilities for tennis, table-tenis and beach volleyball.




Hotel Ristorante Milano, sul Lago d'Idro.

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